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Canada is home to one of the most comprehensive immigration systems in the world offering a wide array of opportunities for those around the world interested in coming here to live, work, study, or visit. Recently, the federal government has cited immigration as the top solution to solve a shrinking population and workforce. As a result, they are aggressively expanding, adjusting, and testing out new immigration programs to allow you to move to Canada.


Although it is an exciting time to consider moving to Canada, the effects of a rapidly evolving immigration system and changing program requirements are making it more challenging for potential immigrants to properly complete their applications. This has resulted in an increasing number of returned and rejected applications. As a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, or RCIC, we are fully licensed and well-equipped to help you navigate the system to find the best and fastest pathway for you to enter Canada.

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The first step towards immigrating to Canada involves reviewing the available immigration programs and choosing the one that’s right for you based on your needs and circumstances. It is extremely important that you choose the program that best suits your immigration goals to ensure a higher probability of success and to avoid wasting your time and money. During our initial consultation, we review your potential options with you and let you know what we believe is your best path forward and how we can help you along the way.

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collecting all of the necessary documentation which may vary depending on your personal circumstances and the specific program you are applying through. Such documents may include police certificates, medical and court records, school transcripts, language certificates, job offer and support letters, and more. As a client, we assist with this process to ensure you collect the correct documents in a timely manner.


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Step 3

A critical step in the immigration process, to include all necessary forms and supporting documents with your application depending upon your personal circumstances and immigration program. It is important that all of your paperwork is correctly and completely filled out. It must also be compiled in the proper format to avoid it being returned or denied. As a client, we ensure your application is compliant with IRCC requirements prior to submission.


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Most immigration programs have an age requirement for the applicant.


Education level is an important consideration for certain programs such as study/work permits.


Certain programs require you to pass a language test to demonstrate proficiency in English/French.


Past work experience may be weighed heavily, especially for economic class programs.


Your ability to financially support yourself or your dependents.


A valid job offer is a requirement for many skilled worker programs.

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